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If you’re considering retiring to France you’ve probably looked at all the big hitters – Provence, the Cote d’Azur and Paris. But whether they’re a stretch financially, or you’d simply prefer to enjoy the ‘real’ France, Limoges offers a great alternative. Well connected, with regular flights to the UK and the high-speed TGV to Paris, Limoges has plenty to offer the newly retired including a cost of living around half that you’d expect in some of the more well-known locations. But you won’t be sacrificing your lifestyle – in fact, in a recent survey Limoges came out on top for quality of life and was named the best city to retire to in France.

Enjoy life at your own pace

Unlike some of the better-known hotspots, the slower pace of life in Limoges lets you ease into retirement at your own pace. There’s a thriving ex-pat community thanks to the healthy economy not to mention an excellent cultural life. There are so many museums, medieval chateaux and art galleries to visit in the city itself and the surrounding countryside that you can keep yourself as busy as you want to be. And with easy access to the more cosmopolitan cities of Paris and Bordeaux via the TGV you can enjoy glittering weekends before settling back into the slow and sunny pace of life in the south.

Ease into your French retirement

Opting for holiday home ownership in Limoges is a savvy way to really get to know the area before you make the transition into retirement. Or opt for fractional holiday home ownership to make the transition even more enjoyable and hassle free? You’ll cut out all the hassle of owning a holiday home abroad in terms of maintenance and building costs while enjoying your holiday homes France and a new lifestyle to the full.

A new life

Quality of life is important when you reach retirement age which is why you want the transition from work life to leisure to be as seamless as possible. Halcyon Developments offer you stunning properties at luxury resorts with rental return potential. So even if you decide to spend your retirement converting a stone barn into the home of your dreams, your rental property can fund a happy retirement!


A large selection of luxury French holiday homes are for sale in the resort

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