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In a recent survey by L’Express newspaper, Limoges was ranked the second best city in the entirety of France to live. That’s better than Nice (14), Lyon (27) and Bordeaux (20). So what makes this gem such a fantastic place to own holiday homes in France? At Halcyon Developments, we’ve pinpointed five reasons why Limoges should be top of your shopping list.

The daily markets

Limoges has both daily and weekly markets specialising in everything from flowers to exotic produce. The covered market hall was built in the 1860s and celebrates everything that this lush and unspoiled region has to offer – the juicy Limousin steaks and the tangy and delicious local goat cheese among them. If the highlight of your holiday is heading to the local market, you’ll love everything that Limoges has to offer.

The green life

Limoges has one of the best climates in the whole of France – all the better to enjoy the acres of green space both inside and outside the city. With its unmissable botanical gardens and location in the beautiful France profonde with its hills, valleys, lakes and rivers, there are countless opportunities for outdoor activities like canoeing, cycling and hiking.

Centres of excellence

Limoges is world famous for the quality of its porcelain and is also the centre of the Aubusson tapestry industry which continues to produce exquisite tapestries for buildings all over the world. If one of the attractions of holiday home ownership is seeing how the other half lives, this gorgeous region is full of chateaux, each boasting their fair share of Aubusson tapestries and Limoges porcelain to enjoy.

The buzz

Limoges has a large student population, and that’s good news if you enjoy the buzz of street cafes and restaurants. Of course, not everything is designed to cater for young people – Limoges was recently named as one of the best towns in France to retire to – but it does guarantee great shopping and nightlife when you need it!

The cost of living

Limoges has a low cost of living for a major city, nearly 50% lower than Nice! That means you get astonishing value for your money, particularly when you factor in the brilliant road, rail and air links back to Britain. In fact, if you’re looking for holiday homes with returns, Limoges simply has it all.


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