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If you are thinking of buying a holiday home then choosing the perfect location is key. However, with so many fabulous places around the world to select from, it can seem tricky. One destination that many holiday home investors have gone with is Greece. This beautiful Mediterranean country has a whole host of attractive features to make it stand-out from the crowd.

If you want to find out more about what Greece has to offer, then the below should help.

1. Laid-back lifestyle

One thing that we at Halcyon Developments have found with Greece is that the lifestyle it offers is simply amazing. Many people love spending time in this wonderful country or the Greek islands as it is so relaxing. Not only is the pace of life perfect to wind down with but the friendly locals will always be ready to make you smile. In terms of finding a spot to escape to from your busy normal life, this makes it hard to beat.

2. Cheap cost of living

In recent years, another plus point for owning a holiday home here is the cost of living. Recent comparisons to UK prices have found that it is 22% cheaper overall to live in Greece. Naturally, this is fabulous for any travellers from the UK or other major European countries who can enjoy more spending power. With the price of everyday groceries so reasonable, it leaves more money to eat out and enjoy yourself!

3. Easy to get to

Another big advantage for the modern traveller to Greece is that it is easy to get to the most popular locations. Even the more secluded ones will have an airport close by now to fly into – this means that the holiday home you choose is only a taxi ride or hire car journey away. One of the key decisions when buying a holiday home is how quick and simple it is to get there – Greece scores highly in this regard.

Halcyon Developments properties in Greece

If you are looking for luxury holiday homes in Greece, then browse our selection today. With full and fractional ownership available, your dream getaway is closer than you think.


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