If you’re looking for one of the best spots to invest in a holiday home, Florida is a great pick. In the south-east region of the United States, it juts out into the Gulf of Mexico and has a truly exotic feel. Many people choose this state to buy a holiday home in and it is one of our favourites at Halcyon Developments too.

But just makes Florida such a great place to spend time in?

1. Sunshine…..and lots of it!

All states in the US tend to have their own nickname and Florida is called ‘The Sunshine State’ for good reason! Although it differs between locations, you can expect around 300 days of sun here in one year, which is pretty good. This is even true in the winter months, when it’s still a breezy 70-odd degrees and there’s usually no snow to be seen anywhere! This makes it a great holiday home location as it gives you the sunshine you need to relax.

2. Lots of beaches

Florida has access to many beaches, wherever you happen to be in the state. The official figure is 663 miles of beach as a whole, which is amazing. This, and the fine weather, means that you can hit the sand here whenever you use your holiday home. Naturally, this is a great feature for most people when choosing where to be.

3. Many activities to enjoy

Of course, lounging on a beach might not be for everyone or you might have days when you like to do something else. From golf and hiking to kayaking and biking, there are many things to do and trails to enjoy here.

4. Great food

Florida has become a real melting pot of cultures over time, with it being so close to Cuba and other Caribbean influences. This means that the food you can enjoy here is amazing with all the culinary influences that have been incorporated. When you add in the amazing fresh seafood too, Florida is a superb place to eat.

Florida villas and holiday homes make a great investment and are ideal places in which to relax. If the Sunshine State appeals to you, get in touch with us today to find out more!


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