According to Golf Monthly, the number of golf course players has doubled over the past five years! It’s a trend we can see happening across the globe, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon.

So what exactly is drawing people in? Let’s look at some of the reasons so many people choose to take up Golf and why you should too!

It’s Time Outside

Being out in the great outdoors, in the fresh air, is beneficial to both body and mind; in fact, so much so that we wrote a whole blog about it Number of UK Golfers Almost Doubles In Five Years. A round of Golf is a great excuse to get outside and reap all those fabulous benefits.

It’s Social

Golf is a very social sport; it’s a great way to spend time with friends and also a great way to make new ones. There’s plenty of time between shots for catching up, and the clubhouse after your match is just as much a part of the experience as the Golf itself. With Golf as a common thread, there is always something to talk about as you share your stories from the day.

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It gives you insight.

You really can learn a lot about someone on the golf course, and you can learn a lot about yourself too! The style in which someone plays a sport and their attitude will give you great insight into their personality. Golf has a knack for teaching players important life skills like patience, honesty and problem-solving.

It’s Inclusive

The beauty of Golf is that it is so inclusive, no matter your skill level, fitness level or age. The handicap system means that players of any level and ability can still enjoy their game together, something so rare in most other sports.

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It’s a business builder.

Being out on the green is an excellent opportunity to discuss business and network away from the usual office environment. Forbes suggests that 90% of fortune 500 CEOs play Golf and says it is hugely helpful in establishing new business relationships.

It’s Exercise

Playing a full course makes it easy to increase your step count. On average, an 18-hole golf course wracks up 6 miles! Even if you choose to use a buggy, you’ll still walk a fair amount and the time spent standing and the movement you’ll use to take your swing is an excellent way of improving core strength and balance in a non-strenuous and relaxed way.

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Its a Challenge

Golf is a challenging sport and difficult to master. Really, in Golf, your biggest opponent is yourself, which means that the challenge never gets boring. The sense of accomplishment after beating your score is like no other!

It’s a Time to Relax

For many people, Golf is a form of stress relief. The mixture of being outside, spending time with friends or companions or even taking this time to be alone can feel therapeutic. Having the time to focus on each shot and switch off from any worries is great for relieving tension, and using the driving range to whack some balls helps!

It’s a great hobby to add to your holiday itinerary

With so many fabulous courses all over the world and set within beautiful resorts, golfing is a wonderful way to spend time on your travels. New courses bring new obstacles and challenges but also beautiful changes of scenery that add to the experience of the sport.

The golf course at the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat is taking shape, and we can’t wait for it to be ready for you to come and play. Set over 18 championship-length holes and meandering through over 400,000 square meters of beautiful woodland and parkland, it is set to be one of the region’s best and most picturesque courses. With a golf shop for all your supplies, and a terraced restaurant overlooking our breathtaking grounds to relax afterwards, we’ll soon be able to provide you with everything you need to enhance and perfect your golfing pursuits.

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