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The business world is on an evolutionary path and one that has accelerated, it seems, post-pandemic. With ever-growing numbers of remote and hybrid workers and transformations in the traditional workspace environment, companies are keen to find ways of creating their own unique workplace culture that nurtures shared values and identity, even though face-to-face time amongst workers may be limited.

Gone are the days of dull, uninspiring company events. Today, many companies now strive to create exciting and meaningful experiences for their teams in a holistic way that improves attendees’ lives both personally and professionally whilst boosting company production, morale, and success.

Whether a company is hosting its AGM, uniting remote workers or working on a team project, here, we’ll delve into some of the fantastic effects a company get-away has on all aspects of the working environment, from communication to productivity, team-building to mental health, and everything in between.


A simple change in scenery can lead to a huge surge of inspiration. Being away from the same four walls creates an opportunity for creativity to flow. When given the space and freedom to express individual thoughts and opinions, teams can bounce ideas back and forth easily.

A Chance to Say Thank you

A company retreat is a brilliant way to reward staff for all their hard work, ensuring they are recognised for their part in the organisation. With appreciation comes greater happiness in the workplace. Did you know that not feeling appreciated is why 44% of people switch jobs? (Achievers)

Team Building

The apparent advantages of team building do not only apply to remote workers. Often, during busy working days, there isn’t time to get to know colleagues on a personal level, and this is usually even more apparent between different departments. A shared experience becomes a common thread that breaks the ice and enables staff to get better acquainted. Creating better cohesion and lasting camaraderie leads to improved job satisfaction and productivity in the long term.

Better Communication

One fantastic result of team building is the improvement in lines of communication. Ideas and opinions become much easier to share amongst colleagues who know each other, and the distance between senior leaders and their staff lessens.

An Opportunity for Learning

Company retreats should be about relaxing, socialising and having fun but they can also create opportunities for learning and development, providing the perfect space for workshops, seminars or meetings.

A Different Perspective

Out on a retreat, team leaders can observe their teams from another angle. Often, we behave a little differently outside of the office, and a new set of circumstances can bring out the best in people. The opportunity arises to see personalities in a new light bringing attention to hidden qualities and strengths that can, in turn, go on to be nurtured and put to their greatest potential back at work.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Now more than ever, thankfully, companies are making an effort to take an interest and invest in the well-being of their staff. Workplace stress is a growing concern; it directly impacts workers personally and costs organisations too. Company retreats should aim to give teams a chance for relaxation, and time away from desks, screens and all the regular stresses and deadlines. Taking a breather allows us to let off some steam and unwind leading us to feel refreshed and with a new focus and energy.

Building Company Identity and Ethos

Company core values and identity can get lost within the day-to-day running of a business, so time out of the office presents an opportunity to come together and re-establish these critical elements. It becomes a time to revisit joint goals and company missions so that every team member can deepen their sense of belonging, purpose and fulfilment within their position.

Improved Hiring

Job markets are highly competitive, and job seekers are increasingly prioritising the inclusion of non-monetary perks when considering a potential position. Excellent workplace culture is high on the list for would-be employees, as is the opportunity to see the world; according to, 30% of employees would be willing to accept lower-salaried roles if offered more opportunities to travel. Integrating the two with amazing company retreats gives your company the edge when putting together a job offer and will help you to attract the best talent.

A Boost in Motivation

Combining all the points already mentioned creates one all-encompassing benefit: the feeling for all of renewed motivation and an enormous boost in morale.

After an engaging experience in a beautiful setting, with the chance for personal and professional growth and development, whole company communities can come together and return to work feeling appreciated, renewed and ready for anything!

Here at the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat, with luxury accommodation, meeting areas, conference facilities and recreational activities like hiking, spa treatments, horse riding, fishing or forest laser tag, we can arrange everything from start to finish to create an epic company retreat that will be the talk of the staffroom for years to come!

If you are considering organising a retreat for your company, please get in touch so we can inform you of our specialised, bespoke corporate packages.

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