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Samos is a fantastic holiday destination for visitors of any age. Its unspoilt beaches, ancient sites and rural villages provide a unique view of typical Greek lifestyles. If you’ve never been to Samos before some potential highlights of any visit are discussed below.

Food and drink

Samos offers holidaymakers a relaxing lifestyle, with plenty of opportunities to sample the local Vathy wine, traditional yoghurts and cheeses. If you enjoy sampling local dishes, you’re sure to appreciate some of the seafood menus offered in local tavernas and restaurants, but don’t neglect trying out the delicious local moussaka and stuffed tomato dishes either.

Things to do

Active holidaymakers will find hiking around Samos offers a unique glimpse of this gloriously mountainous island. The island is swathed in greenery at any time of year and walkers will appreciate the varying landscapes of the imposing mountains and the opportunity to learn more about the natural habitat. Walking from Votsalakia in Marathocampus takes hikers along the peak of Mount Kerkis to the peak of Mount Vigla and there are plenty of opportunities to examine species of rare plant and native birds of prey.

Greek history lovers will really enjoy exploring the church of Panagia Sarandaskaliotissa, which is situated at the entrance to Pythagoras’ Cave, and was the mathematician’s refuge at the time he was persecuted by the tyrant Polycrates.

Beach lovers will discover the fine sandy beaches of Samos are superb for relaxation, with the azure ocean glimmering in sunlight and a spectacular mountainous backdrop.

Cyclists discover Samos offers a variety of opportunities for mountain biking. The sport is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals, so a variety of local trails make it easy to explore the island by bike.

Birdwatchers will adore the fact that visits to Samos offer opportunities to watch herons, Dalmatian pelicans and pink flamingos as they pursue their migrations.

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