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Ever returned from a wonderful and memorable trip abroad and wished you could return whenever you felt like it? Ever wanted to own a holiday home in a beautiful European region, brimming with a rich cultural heritage and surrounded by an outstanding area of natural beauty?

The Limosin region is just one such destination where Halcyon Development offers unique luxury properties, available for full or partial ownership.

Limoges is housed in the beautiful Limousin region of France. Undisturbed by tourism and surrounded by breathtaking countryside and forests, this exquisite French city, which predates the Roman era, is built on the river Vienne and lies just south-west of Paris.

Limoges has a vibrant and fascinating cultural history and is filled with captivating landmarks and artistic treasures. Limoges is perhaps most famous for the production of beautiful ornamental objects decorated with enamel, which were first made in the Medieval and Renaissance era and are still produced in the present day. The Fine Arts Museum of Limoges hosts a large collection of these enamels from the 12th and 13th century to Art Deco and contemporary enamel products.

Limoges is also famed for its porcelain industry, which began in the 17th Century. Limoges porcelain is recognised for its distinctive, delicate and intricately painted and gilt designs. Impressionist painter Auguste Renoir even spent his early career as a porcelain painter in Limoges. The Musee National Adrien Dubouche in Limoges hosts the largest collection of Limoges porcelain in the world.

Another famed landmark in Limoges is The Cathedrale St-Etienne, which was completed over six centuries and is a combination of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance styles Some Medieval frescoes are even still visible in the interior chapels.

Halcyon Developments offer the possibility to make this beautiful region, with a varied and compelling history, a place you can call home. All of Halcyon Developments’ luxury properties are fully managed, relieving any worries you might have surrounding fractional property ownership.

With exceptional properties for sale from only £13,000, you can return to this memorable region timr and time again, experiencing all the seasons in on of Europe’s most culturally rich and historically fascinating destinations.


A large selection of luxury French holiday homes are for sale in the resort

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