To celebrate the planning permission granted on our brand-new facilities created especially for dogs, including an assort course and kennels, we thought we’d put together a list of top tips for creating a holiday with your four-legged friend that is as special as can be!

Prepare the paperwork

Where you and your furry friend are travelling from will determine which official paperwork you will need. If travelling from another EU country, you will need your up-to-date pet passport. If travelling from outside of the EU, you will need to provide border officials with details of your pet’s microchip, Rabies vaccination and Animal Health Certificate. Make sure to check the official government website for the latest rules and regulations.

Tips for the Car journey

If your journey involves a lot of driving, there are some ways to make the ride as stress-free and comfortable for your dog as possible.

  • Go on an exceptionally long walk before your journey; this will tire out your pup, and they’ll be more likely to relax throughout the ride.
  • Make sure your dog is safely strapped in with a car harness or use a crate.
  • Make regular stops; it is suggested every 3 or 4 hours so your dog can stretch their legs, drink some water, and take a bathroom break if needed.
  • Make sure to leash your dog always before you open the car door
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car; the temperature can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, even with a window left open.

Tips for a Plane Journey

Always thoroughly check the guidelines from the specific airline; each tend to have slightly different rules and regulations. Many European airlines will allow you to bring your dog with you as a carry-on where they can sit comfortably in their carry case in front of your feet, so long as they are under a certain size. For bigger dogs or some other airlines, the rules mean that dogs are only permitted on board as part of the cargo, which requires just a little more organization.

  • Visit a vet before planning your trip to ensure your dog is in good health to fly
  • Book well in advance because airlines only allow a certain number of pets on board, and the organization can take some time
  • Acclimatize your dog with their carry case or crate well before the trip, so they feel comfortable inside by feeding them there or placing their favourite toys inside.
  • Before the flight, line the crate or carry case with puppy pads in case of any inflight accidents
  • Take your dog on a long walk before the flight to help them sleep and stay relaxed during the journey

Doggy Manners

Before planning a holiday with your dog, it’s always best for them to have mastered some basic training first; being toilet trained, returning to you when called, and knowing the sit and stay commands will mean that your holiday will be relaxing and carefree for both you and your pet.

Pack a blanket

It’s a good idea to pack a part of your dog’s usual bedding, even if it’s only a blanket. It will give your dog somewhere comfy to sit if you are out and about, and it will also help them feel homely in their new surroundings. A familiar blanket can also help persuade your dog to lie down and get some rest if they feel especially nervous or excited.

Keep medical records handy

You might need them for border crossings, but it’s also a good idea to keep them with you just in case there is any need to visit the vet on your travels.

Take a walk on arrival

On arrival, take a long walk and explore the surroundings, this will give your dog a chance to familiarise themselves with their new environment and help them feel at home, and it will set them up for a restful first night.

With day-care, grooming, dog walking services and more on the way, we can’t wait to be able to offer your pets the opportunity to have fun and feel pampered on their holidays too!

We will keep you updated as the project progresses!


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