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With schools starting back again this month after the long summer break and students getting back into their books, we felt inspired to let you know about some of the fantastic educational outings you can enjoy close to the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf and Spa Resort. Learning definitely doesn’t have to be boring!

The Limousin is a vast region with a rich cultural history, and it’s easy to see how a place of such beauty became a land of painters, writers and sculptors. Among its picturesque rural farmlands and natural landscapes, you’ll find plenty of museums and proud locals who have dedicated countless hours to sharing the heritage of this unique and fascinating part of France.

Here are some fantastic museums to explore right on our doorstep that will give you an insight into the area’s fascinating culture and heritage.

Museum of the Valley of the Creuse – Musée de la Vallée de la Creuse

An intriguing little museum of popular arts and culture, it exhibits the evolution of the local way of life from the 1700s to the mid-1900s and displays various artists’ works throughout the year.

Historic and Rural Life Museum Montrol-Sénard

Salle de classe ancienne école communale - Montrol-SénardFree to visit; this is a whole village that has been transformed into a time capsule! Visit original buildings where the interiors are reconstructed to give visitors the feeling of walking back in time. There is a 19th– century school classroom, bakery, blacksmith and more to discover, thanks to local volunteers who maintain and keep this little pocket of history alive.

Memorial Centre of Oradour-sur-Glane – Centre de la mémoire d’Oradour

Car in Oradour-sur-Glane

This heart-wrenching exhibition shows the devastation inflicted on this village during the second world war. Oradour-sur-Glane, now known as The Martyr Village, endured a tragic history, the remnants of which have been left intact as a memorial to the many lives lost during the massacre of June 10, 1944.


Limoges Fine Art MuseumMusée des Beaux-Arts de Limoges

Limoges St-Etienne cathedral

Housed within a beautiful 18th-century palace, this museum exhibits collections of antiques, fine art, an extensive enamel collection, and also fascinating and rare ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Museum of Adrien Dubouché – Musée national Adrien Dubouché

Les collections visuel1

This museum dedicated to porcelain and ceramics displays a tremendous collection of famous Limoges pieces spanning hundreds of years. Here, following in the footsteps of local ceramics students, you’ll have a chance to learn all about the skill and dedication used to perfect this unique art form.

Museum and Gardens of Cecile Sabourdy – Musée & Jardins Cécile Sabourdy

Jardin et musée Cécile Sabourdy

Exhibiting works of art from artists all over the Limousin region, paintings, drawings, sculptures and tapestries, the main aim of this museum is to showcase the creative ideas of unclassifiable artists. These works can’t always be categorised into the norms of any particular artistic movement and are often highly inventive and personal.

MUPOP Museum of Popular Music

Montluçon-FR-03-le MuPop-01

A unique and modern museum that showcases an extensive collection of instruments and objects related to Popular music. Peruse and listen to music from all through the ages using 200 listening points, and browse posters and album cover artwork. There is even the “Crocodile Room”, -a  themed room to discover in the style of an 80s grunge recording studio.

House of George Sand – Maison de George Sand

Maison de George Sand, chambre bleue

This is the house that famous 19th-century feminist writer George Sand called home for many years. Donated as a museum by her granddaughter on the condition that it remain in its exact state, this incredible museum feels as though somebody could still live in it.

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* Always check museum websites for up-to-date information, pricing and news on upcoming exhibitions.


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