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When you think of Florida, you imagine the shrieks of thrilled holiday-goers on the rides at Universal Studios, or little children dressed in fancy dress eating Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.

However, Florida is also renowned around the globe as one of the original homes of space exploration, which is another reason it makes a popular destination for holiday homes. Florida offers some truly hair-raising – literally! – and educational activities for its residents that are just out of this world.

Here are our top suggestions at Halcyon Developments:

Train like an astronaut

If you’ve watched Matt Damon pottering around his garden in The Martian, or seen Sandra Bullock floating in space during Gravity, and thought ‘I could do that!’ then put it to test at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Located right on the sparkling coastline, this active space site allows you to walk the spacewalk, rather than just talk the talk, during the Astronaut Training Experience. You can choose to spend the whole day learning the ropes, or just select a spacewalk session, or a period in the Mars simulator.

Learn from an astronaut

While you’re testing out your old childhood dreams to venture into space, take a moment to pick the brains of an actual retired NASA astronaut. Choose a tour with a guide who once blasted off into the great unknown!

They will walk you through the Space Shuttle Atlantis with an expert hand, as well as accompanying you on the Shuttle Launch Experience. There’s no reason to be scared with this kind of insider knowledge!

Visit Cape Canaveral!

While you’re in the area, opt to take a tour of the famous Cape Canaveral Air Force base where space flight first took off. You can visit one of the original launch complexes, and learn about the trajectory of human exploration in the universe.

You’ll truly feel the buzz and excitement that energised the world in the mid 20th century when you take a ride through space history here. Plus, with investment property in Florida, you can visit again and again.

Watch a space shuttle launch

Last but not least, you must stop and watch an actual launch! These days, both private and public entities are launching projects into space. You can catch a Space X project catapulting off into the galaxy, or a NASA rocket departing to conduct groundbreaking scientific research.

With a Halcyon Developments home, you will be in a prime position to catch all of these astounding moments. Our range of Florida villas are perfectly located to bring all of your space dreams to life!


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