A fantastic and original music festival that takes place annually in various locations around the Limousin region throughout the last week of July.

Now in its 16th year, one of its primary goals has always been to share and make accessible to everyone the joys of classical music regardless of age or musical taste.

In fact, to do so, certain parts of its production see the fascinating merging of different musical genres and themes that may not have been thought of before to complement each other.

In the past, 1001 Notes festivals have created Hip hop ballets and electro orchestras and have even invited classical composers to try their hand (or voice) at rap! The result is a unique, contemporary show that creates an incredible atmosphere to move all kinds of audiences.

Another aspect that is loved so much about the 1001 Notes festival is that every show exudes an intimacy often unfelt at other music concerts. Unlike more prominent festivals held at huge arenas and shared by 3000 audience members, the 1001 Notes Festival tends to hold its events in smaller, more intimate venues, usually with a maximum capacity of just 300 people.

Renowned for being held in unusual venues; ancient castles, abbeys or even a supermarket (!), this year, the “festival village” location is surprisingly tame, at the Olympic Ice Rink across from the River Vienne in Limoges City centre.

As well as musical concerts that will showcase masterpieces from Mozart to famous film scores, classical guitar to Schubert, you’ll find this year the inclusion of activities created especially for children. Fun workshops will run through the daytime, which will help to bring about love and enthusiasm for music in little ones too!

For tickets and more information check the official website:

festival1001notes.com/programmation-festival »

If you are unable to make this year’s summer festival, keep a look out for other concerts in future that will be popping up all over the Limousin region.


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