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The Limousin

Halcyon Retreat in the beautiful countryside

‘The land of a thousand lakes’ – Limousin, France

The Limousin region in central France is popular with visitors at all times of the year and is fantastically accessible from across Europe. Its rural appearance underlines the fact that the area is beautifully unspoilt and an ideal region to own a French property investment or holiday home in France. Like the grounds in Wyndham Halcyon Retreat itself, the region is scattered with lakes, forests and natural, open countryside.

With common temperatures in the summer reaching the mid-30s Celsius, the climate inspires many to enjoy outdoor pursuits, from sailing to gliding. Just 20 kilometres away from the retreat lies the Creuse Valley, a stunning river valley that inspired the renowned painter Claude Monet.

There is much to enjoy and we have prepared a guide, available as a free download. Click below so reveal more.

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The property is luxurious and has been furnished to a very high standard.
Specifically created to blend in perfectly with the historic surroundings

A rich historic and cultural region, the Limousin has amazing attractions from Roman churches to ruined fortified castles. The regional capital of Limoges is stunning, with a beautiful river and old streets and is perhaps most famous for its internationally-famous porcelain.

La Souterraine, a town just 10 minutes from Halcyon Retreat, is famous for its connection with the ‘Santiago de Compostela’ pilgrimage route.

Oradour-sur-Glane, a village destroyed by the SS during World War 2 but left ‘in-state’ as a memorial to the victims, is an easy drive away and is well worth a visit.

The Limousin is simply a fantastic region to own a French property investment or holiday home in France.

The Limousin - A rich historic and cultural region