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Creating a Fabulous Family Holiday with Teenagers

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Holiday

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The summer holidays are well underway, and you might be looking for fun ways to keep the entire family entertained, including your teenagers.

We know everyone’s idea of fun on holiday is different, and we also know that the art of pleasing teens is sometimes renowned for being especially tricky!

So, if you are planning a family holiday this year, the big questions are; how do you create a holiday that includes everyone’s favourite pastimes, and how do you avoid making the cliché of a moody teen?

Here we give you top tips for making a family holiday unforgettable for everyone..teens included!

Choose Wisely

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The first step to creating a fantastic holiday with your teen is choosing a location and the type of break they will enjoy; This often means choosing somewhere with the best of both worlds and being willing to compromise. If you are someone who likes the adventure of a city break with lots of sightseeing and historical trips, but your teen dreads the idea of a busy week of art museums and tour buses, then choose a location that offers some relaxing in-house activities too. Start the negotiating early so that if you spend one of the days out and about, the next is spent taking it easy by the pool.

Plan together

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Long before you leave for your trip, encourage your teen to do some research on your planned holiday so they’ll know what to expect. It will allow them to plan activities or places to visit that will appeal to them; plus, they’ll have lots to look forward to in the lead-up!

Enough Sleep

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Most teenagers love their lie-ins! As much as we might be tempted to wake them and not let them “waste” their holiday away, it is true that growing teenagers really do need their beauty sleep! According to hopkinsmedicine.com, additional sleep supports brain development and physical growth spurts. And, If they spend the rest of the year waking early to get to school/college, then for them, this time out where they get to catch up on some sleep is not time wasted at all.

Eat well

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Family meals are a wonderful part of your holiday experience but can sometimes become a subject of debate when everyone has different taste. It’s great to choose a holiday location that offers various options and to research before arriving so you can find the best restaurants where everyone can find some of their favourite dishes.

Shared Experiences

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Plan some activities that you can all enjoy together! Why not try something adventurous that is new to you all? Experiencing something new together and perhaps a little out of your comfort zone can make some fabulous memories and is a great confidence builder.

Some Space

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Holidays are all about sharing and spending time together, but we know it’s sometimes quite nice to have a moment to ourselves too. It’s true that as teenagers begin to gain independence, they especially like spending some time alone. Maybe they want a couple of hours in the room one afternoon or would love to play pool and make friends one night instead of joining you for the after-dinner entertainment? Giving your teen some space will allow them the independence to enjoy their own experiences and make some of their own special memories.

One-to-one time

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If you have more than one child, if possible, a good idea is to try and spend time with each individually. You get to spend quality time together without distractions, and it usually means there is more chance of everyone getting the opportunity to have their perfect day.

While two of you hit the shops, maybe the other two can go off fishing for the day. Meet up again at dinner time, and everyone’s a winner!

And finally…

Relax and have fun!

You’re on holiday! The lack of routine is all part of being away; try to go with the flow and don’t take it too seriously.

Happiness is contagious, and if you relax and have fun, chances are your teen will follow suit.

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