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3 reasons why you should retire in France

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Holiday

When you reach retirement age, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend the golden years of life. For many, the thought of retiring abroad provides an exciting opportunity to take in different cultures, climates, and experiences. One such location that is very popular with UK retirees is France; approximately 200,000 British expats currently reside in the country, with a third of them being retirees. With that in mind, here are just a few reasons why you should consider spending your retirement in France.


France has a worldwide reputation of being a place of high culture, and this surely an attractive proposition for any retiree. With a host of art galleries, museums, vineyards, and cafes throughout the country, there is plenty for any culture vulture to get stuck into.

A variety of lifestyle choices

Whether you would prefer to live in a close-knit expat community or in a remote location surrounded by locals, France has a wide variety of lifestyle choices to suit everyone. Throughout the country, there are various expat communities that allow you to experience all that France has to offer whilst still providing a British community feel; on the other hand, there are a host of locations that allow you to escape from the UK, and to truly immerse yourself in the French lifestyle.

Still close to home

For many retirees, the decision to move abroad to enjoy their golden years is often balanced against the wish to remain close to family and friends. If you decide to retire to France, then this is not an issue; you can have all the benefits of experiencing a different culture and climate, whilst still being close enough to the UK that you can travel home with little difficulty or expense. Whether you decide to retire to the north or south of France, there is plenty of transportation that can help you return home as and when you wish.

France can provide many benefits for retirees, whatever lifestyle choice you desire. There is a host of different living arrangements, from apartments and villas to luxury holidays homes, to suit your every need. Contact us at Halcyon Developments today to see how we can help you to experience the retirement of your dreams!



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